Last unfollow spree 18/8/2014 :(

I cleaned my followers list. If you didn't had an 90% the wanted blog I unfollowed you. Many people changed their fandoms, and I'm sorry but I don't want to see any other bands etc on my dash than the wanted

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Jay - Glamour Magazine (Behind the scenes) X

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Favorite Jay moments banging drums when he should be banging me

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Jay McGuiness; suits.

Jay McGuiness; suits.

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Title: Paradise/Nathan is nicely
Artist: The Wanted
Played: 29877 times


When he was just a girl,

She expected the world.

But it flew away from her reach,

So she ran away in her sleep, and dreamt of Nathan,

Nathan,Nathan Sykes.Nathan,Nathan,Nathan Sykes.Nathan,Nathan,Nathan Sykes,

Everytime I closed my eyes.

Sykes, Sykes.

When he was just a girl,

Nath expected the world,

But it flew away from his reach,

Nathan’s got lovely teeth.

Nicely, nicely, nicely, nicely. Nicely, nicely, nicely nice. N-n-nice n-n-nice n-n-nicely, it’s so nice.Oh yes he is so nice,Nathan’s so nicely.”


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